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End of Summer Getaway

I’ll be honest – I’m ready for fall.  Cooler weather, football games and wearing sweaters top the list of things I’m looking forward to in the coming months.  But, before that time of year gets here, we’re taking some end of summer trips to visit friends!

Our first was a weekend getaway to Minneapolis.  Our dear friends Anna and Bruno live up there, and we were long overdue for a visit.  Liam was excited to mark Minnesota as the fifth state he has visited, and he loved playing outside all weekend, visiting the fabulous downtown Minneapolis farmers’ market, and stopping in Le Mars, IA for ice cream on the way home.

Oh, and Dave purchased 7 pounds of habanero peppers at the farmers’ market.  If anyone has suggestions on what to do with that many peppers, please send them my way.  Because that’s a lot of hotness.

Liam at farmers market

minneapolis farmers market

bag of peppers

ice cream stop in le mars

Florida: Green Grass and Sunshine

It was awesome to get away from the snow and cold for a full week – and even more awesome to see our friends from Ohio, Lindsay, Geoff and little Ryan!  We had a great week relaxing and soaking up the sun.  Here are some pictures from our winter escape:

And for the record, my worst fears about flying with a baby came true:  Liam had blowouts on both flights.  Sigh.  Well, as is true with many things, the fear of Liam having a blowout on the plane was actually worse than the actual occurrence; however, I will note that traveling with a baby is a character-building experience…that I would repeat over and over if we could go on vacation every week!

Liam’s Jumperoo and First Tailgate

Liam love, love, LOVES his new jumperoo – as in obsessively loves it.  It is so funny to watch him in it; he looks like a river dancer when he really gets going!

The three of us travelled to Lawrence this past weekend for Turduckenfest at the Bateman’s as well as the KU v. Nebraska game.  As such, Liam got to hang out at his first tailgate!  Liam’s friend Anderson is in the background of this picture:

Good Times in Denver

Dave and I travelled to Denver last weekend for our friend Jamie’s wedding. It was a busy, whirlwind weekend, which was good since it was also the first time we were leaving Liam overnight (which was really hard for me to do). We dropped Liam off at my parents’ house on Friday morning, and then we were off to Colorado!

We stopped in Paxton, Nebraska, on our way so Dave could experience the glory that is Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge. Here is a picture of Dave sitting at our table near the moose and jack-a-lope:

We had dinner at a great Moroccan restaurant on Friday night with our friends Darcie and Josh (House of Marrakesh at 1530 Blake Street in Lodo) – I highly their 5-course dinner for two. On Saturday morning, we met our friends Leah and Blake (and their adorable son, Noah) for breakfast before heading to Boulder to spend the afternoon with Dave’s cousin, Heidi, her husband Chris, and their newborn baby Kaia. Kaia was born just 8 days after Liam, so it was fun to see another baby close to the same age as our little guy!

Here are some pictures of Chris, Heidi and Kaia:

Jamie and Kendall’s wedding was at the Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion in Denver. It was a gorgeous affair and a good time was had by all! After the reception, there were after-hours at a nearby pub, and the next morning, we were all invited to a crepe brunch to send-off Jamie and Kendall.

First Trip to KU

Liam made his first trip out of the state of Nebraska this past weekend! We decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest if his first road trip was on the shorter side, so the 3.5 hours it takes to get to Lawrence, Kansas, from Omaha sounded perfect.

We stayed with our good friends Tim and Kyly; they have an adorable little boy named Anderson that was born in late November 2008 – I’m sure he and Liam will be partners in crime down the road! We also got to have lunch on Saturday at Free State with friends from Kansas City – Aaron, Megan and their cute little guy, Danny (born in February 2009). After lunch, we all walked down Jayhawk Boulevard with our strollers and took advantage of some photo ops:
We also attended the retirement Mass and BBQ for Monsignor Vince Krische at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center – it was nice to be able to participate in the festivities to celebrate Krische’s achievements and wish him well in his retirement.