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37 Weeks – Full Term!

I cannot believe we’re at 37 weeks…as of today, I’m considered “full term”, meaning that if I went into labor at this point, my doctor would go ahead and deliver Mojo (and not try to stop labor). We have an ultrasound on Monday to see how big Mojo is (apparently, I measured a bit small at the last appointment). In any event, the reality is that Mojo could be here any day! We’re ready for you!

Dave and I went downtown this afternoon to walk across the pedestrian bridge, get ice cream at Ted & Wally’s and walk through a couple of condo models in Omaha’s “Little Italy” neighborhood (just for the fun of it – we were curious). It was a really nice afternoon…it’s strange to think it may have been the last leisurely afternoon we’ll share together as just the two of us.

First Belly Picture!

Somehow, over the course of the weekend, I went from looking fat to actually looking pregnant. Yay! That means I will be making Dave take weekly belly pictures of me starting now! Here’s the one from this morning at 17 weeks:

In other news, it is Groundhog Day, and that darn little rodent has predicted another 6 weeks of winter. Groundhogs suck.