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He’s going to hate me for this someday…

…but even still, I couldn’t resist.  This picture is just too hilarious.

Setting: End of Liam’s birthday party last Saturday.  We were all getting a bit rowdy.

Reason this photo exists: Liam’s grandma (Dave’s mom) is pretty handy with the sewing machine, and in honor of the monkey-themed birthday party, she made her youngest grandson a sock monkey.  And then she proceeded to make Liam matching shorts with the leftover material because, why not?  Unfortunately, she made them a bit small for our little man, but we had to squeeze him into them for this photo op anyway.

My favorite thing about this photo: He looks disturbed that we were making him pose for this picture – and rightly so! Even at the tender age of one, he knows when he is being made to do something goofy!

Liam with his sock monkey

Happy 1st Birthday, Liam!

At this time on this day last year, I was lying in a hospital bed recovering from the morphine hangover compliments of the c-section I had – and holding my brand new baby boy.  What an incredible first year we’ve had with Liam; he’s such a good baby boy and has brought more love into our lives than we ever thought possible.

We celebrated Liam’s first birthday today with our wonderful families.  Lots of cake, ice cream, monkeys (of course), balloons and gifts.  Dave made some AMAZING shredded beef and told Liam that he’ll be making him a special “birthday meat” each and every year on his birthday.  I guess that’s a guy thing – instead of cake, they celebrate with “birthday meat”.  Whatever works!

Happy birthday, Liam.  Keep growing, and keep those smiles coming.

Liam first birthday

Liam monkey cake

Just a disclaimer: the white buttons in the middle serve to hold down the ribbons from the balloons - they are not to be confused with the monkey's nether regions.

Liam eating cake