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Summer in the Ha

I love summer in Omaha.  There is so much to do!  Farmers’ markets, festivals, swimming, golfing, biking along one of the many paved trails throughout the city…and on really hot days, if swimming isn’t on the agenda, there are a plethora of interesting – and air-conditioned – museums to check out.

We’ve been busy this month with settling into our new house, but we’ve managed to do some swimming and check out a festival or two.  Here are some shots of Dave and Liam at the Santa Lucia Festival from last weekend, and at the bottom, the picture you’ve all been waiting for – our new house!

Our new house...or maybe it's just a picture our friend Ryan took in Jordan because it said "Ali's place" on it...

I’m Taking You Back…

…retro-style!  Here’s a sneak peek of the awesomeness that is the new house we bought.  If you click on the collage, it will come up bigger on your screen so you can see the shots better.
And, yes, the room that Liam is sitting in is pink – but we’ll be painting it before we make him sleep in it.
Our move date has been changed to May 14 – so we have lots of packing to do over the next few weeks!

Big News!

Now, be honest – how many of you thought I was going to announce that I’m pregnant?  If that’s what you guessed, well, you’re wrong.  Don’t count on Liam being a big brother for another couple of years.  But we DO have really big news – we’re moving!

We found an awesome house with a big yard and a lot of…redecorating needs.  These digs are straight out of the 1960s, including glitter walls in the basement, brown shag carpet (I’m pretty sure it’s the same stuff that my parents used to have in their family room), a teal sink and bathtub in the guest bath and  – wait, wait, wait – a stainless steel ashtray attached to one of the glitter walls in the basement.  I’m telling you, this place is straight up COOL.  (Not that smoking is cool or that we even smoke – it’s just that the finishes in this house are too cool for school.)

So, we’ll be sad to leave our current neighborhood, but there are lots of things this new house has that we want – and the price was too good to resist.  So if anyone is interested in helping us move in mid June…oh wait, did I just hear a cricket chirp?

Liam the Buddy, who is also too cool for school.